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Jobseeker Terms & Conditions

Terms And Conditions for the Jobseeker

The terms and conditions mentioned below are to be treated as a legal contract with ‘the company’ (B And W Advisors Pvt. Ltd.) and shall be enforceable under Indian Contract Act 1872.

  • The jobseeker hereby certifies that the information provided here is absolutely correct to the best of his/her knowledge. If found incorrect, the candidature of the person will be immediately canceled.
  • The payment of registration fee by the jobseeker does not bind the company to provide him/her with a job.
  • Consulting Fee : The jobseeker hereby agrees to pay the company 25% of his/her first month’s gross salary, if he/she gets a job through the company. If he/she does not fulfill this commitment, the company can take action under the Indian Penal Code.
  • The registration fee is neither refundable nor cancelable.
  • Jobseekers will be responsible for communicating with employers, once they get job notifications.
  • Once employed, the jobseeker is himself responsible for any termination or firing by the employer. The company is not to be blamed.
  • If the jobseeker is going for an interview, they have to mention the name of our consultancy to the company beforehand.
  • If a jobseeker is selected for a job through this company, he/she will solely be the employee of concerning organization. B and W Advisors will not be responsible for any legal dispute or any other matter between employer and the jobseeker.
  • If a jobseeker is placed through our reference, we can not place him/her in any other company until he/she has left the job without any objections from the employer.
  • Once a jobseeker is placed, the company is free to remove his/her registration.The jobseeker has to make a fresh registration for being placed again.
  • Neither B and W advisors, connected employers nor their directors, officers, employees agents, subsidiaries or affiliated companies will be responsible for any indirect,incidental, consequential or exemplary damage or loss of any kind arising from the content,information, material or products produced by B and W advisor’s services.

Apart from these, general terms and conditions under the Indian Law, are to be considered included in this contract.

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