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Employer Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Employing Companies

The terms and conditions mentioned below are to be treated as a legal contract with ‘the consultancy’(B And W Advisors Pvt. Ltd.) and shall be enforceable under Indian Contract Act 1872.

Duties and Services

  1. Under the Free Plan, the consultancy will introduce matching jobseekers with the employer. Checking the character, documents and conduct of the jobseeker is the employer's responsibility.
  2. Under the Premium Plans, the consultancy will be responsible to provide the employer about carefully screened jobseekers with decent track records.
  3. The Premium Plans are as described below,(subject to provision hereof).
    • Plan 1 will cost the employer Rs. 299/- for recruitment of 1 employee through the consultancy in a period of 3 months.
    • Plan 2 will cost the employer Rs.699/- for recruiting upto 5 employees through the consultancy in a period of 3 months.
    • Plan 3 will cost the employer Rs.1199/- for recruiting upto 10 employees in a period of 3 months.
    • For requirements over 10 employees, the employer can contact our team. The terms and conditions in that scenario will be decided with mutual agreement.
  4. The time period for any plan will start from the day of receipt of payment for the same.
  5. If the requirement of the employer is filled before the said time period, then the consultancy is free to remove their job post from the portal.
  6. If the consultancy fails to provide a reasonable number of job seekers in the time period of the premium plan, then the consultancy shall extend the period by 1 month. If even after the extended period, the commitment stands unfulfilled then only the consultancy will refund the money.
  7. The consultancy is not responsible for any action of the jobseeker, pre or post employment.
  8. The consultancy is in no way responsible for legal disputes or any other matter between the company and the suggested employee.
  9. Neither B and W advisors nor their directors, officers, employees, agents, subsidiaries or affiliated companies will be responsible for any indirect,incidental, consequential or exemplary damage or loss of any kind arising from the content,information, material or products produced under B and W advisor’s services.

Consulting Fee

  1. The employer is responsible to ensure the deduction and payment of consulting fee i.e. 25% of employee’s first month salary, if the employee comes from our reference. In case the employer does not fulfil the commitment then the consultancy can take legal action under IPC.
  2. The actions of the employee would not be considered a legit reason for any changes in the payment of consulting fee.

Confidentiality and Information

  1. The consultancy and the employer shall not breach the confidentiality and privacy of each other. Official use of details such as name and address shall be done only with permission.
  2. b. Misrepresentation of facts about the employee’s statistics by the employer shall be considered as breaching of this contract.
  3. c. The terms under the premium plans are to be kept between those legally part of this contract and not be shared with any one without concrete reason.

Apart from these, general terms and conditions under the Indian Law, are to be considered included in this contract.

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